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Fashion Law

Creating a brand that's unique is essential but ensuring that it's identity is designed & managed to withstand copycat competitors is a strategic necessity. This includes being aware of trademark law in various venues & marketplaces, globally and right in your own backyard. Hiring  a fashion law director who interfaces with legal can help ensure your brand  remains your most valued asset.

Reviewing the Law

Company Profile and Work in Progress

  • Bill’s experience as a C-level business executive complements his academic background and has led to his being designated as a Subject Matter Expert, writing expert opinion reports for global conglomerates in trademark infringement cases, including reports for Adidas, Gucci and others.  As a complement to this, he has participated in forums and has spoken at Fordham University’s Fashion Law Institute.

  • His writings in this regard include weaving brand and business strategies together as in Deana Clark-Esposito’s book on Fashion Law, "A Practical Guide to Fashion Law and Compliance” a must-have reference work providing fashion managers, and their in-house legal counsels with a comprehensive volume of key issues on Fashion Law.  Here, Bill wrote a key section on “Brand Management & Licensing Strategies.

"Courts and trademark litigation are slippery slopes; thinking of litigation as a primary strategy is a mistake; at best is a necessity of last resort."

Bill D'Arienzo
Founder and CEO

WDA Strategic Brand Marketing


Recent Work

Evaluate Your Fashion Law Strategy

For an in-depth and current view of his work and his analysis, please feel free to download this piece on Greenwashing & his commentary on strategies in these 2023 fashion cases:

H & M, Nike, Allbirds & Canada


Here's a quick & easy way to "take yourself to grad school" without the tuition!

Prepared by WDA Strategic Brand Marketing

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 "Bill & his team were engaged by us and charged, in a trademark litigation case, with defining the competitive market & designing a consumer perception survey exploring the issue being contested; Both the market study and the survey were flawlessly executed"

Milton Springut, Esq.

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