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In 2023, FTC, SEC & EU regulators have issued new guidelines and rules on Greenwashing & consumer protection which every organization that markets & advertises products or services, needs to be up to date on. So, for example, seemingly small items such as packaging & hangtags are under scrutiny and in light of new standards, both the copy and imaging should be reviewed.

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We now compete in a digital, web driven, marketplace, where the barriers to entry are low & the likelihood of competitors emerging are high. Having a unique & readily recalled & remembered brand identity is an absolute essential for gaining attention and retaining the engagement of your targeted customer. Build your brand & you'll build your business.

Creating a brand that's unique is essential but ensuring that it's identity is designed & managed to withstand copycat competitors is a strategic necessity. This includes being aware of trademark law in various venues & marketplaces, globally and right in your own backyard. Engaging a fashion law director who interfaces with legal can help ensure your brand remains your most valued asset.

Reviewing the Law
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