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About WDA


“to be on your business journey with you, & to chart a course of action which aligns with your values, your current capabilities & your desired destination.”


WDA's Vision & Values

WDA Strategic Brand Marketing is a boutique advisory that views your business through the lens of your brand. We always ask "why" a client embarked on their business journey or charted a particular strategy, for the brand values then emerge and we find the answers often cast a light on uncharted sea lanes of opportunity. Given our operating values, we feel comfortable offering our services in all of the major business verticals. Today, most of our clients are luxury & premium fashion brands, global & US retailers, colleges & ESG/CSR sustainability practitioners.

Lighthouse on rocks

WDA is also creator of & Bill the lecturer in the Experimental Seminar, "Converting Fashion's Current ESG/CSR Challenges into Business Opportunities" at the Stern School of Business/NYU as well as several Brand Management Certificate Programs at FIT/NYC. These include "Branding ESG for Advancing, Circularity & Sustainable Fashion" & " Managing Fashion & Luxury Brands in a Digital Marketplace" His textbook, Brand Management Strategies: Luxury & Mass Markets  (described by one reviewer as "The Evergreen Standard"), has been adopted/recommended at over 12 US Universities. He continues to serve as an ESG Sustainability advisor for Truuli Environment Inc.

 "Bill & his team were charged in a trademark litigation case with defining the competitive market and preparing a consumer perception survey regarding the issue being contested; both were executed flawlessly."

Milton S., Esq.

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