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About WDA

“to be on your business journey with you,

& to chart a course of action which aligns with your values,

your current capabilities & your desired destination.”

Bill Darienzo

Bill D'Arienzo
Founder and Chief Brand Officer

Bill D’Arienzo is the Founder of WDA Strategic Brand Marketing and serves as U.S. strategy advisor for the # 1 think tank in Italy and in the top 100 of over 6000 global firms. As an experienced fashion executive and marketing specialist, he has served as an expert witness in trademark infringement cases, having written reports for brands such as adidas, Gucci and others in support of their brand trademarks and market identities. Bill is also the ESG branding advisor for Truuli Environmental, Inc. and its decarbonization platform.

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Retail Transformation: The New Sustainability

WDA actively teaches and advocates for the fashion industry.

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