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Keds and Kate Spade: Bringing Out the “Ked” in Every Adult!

Keds Kate Spade Collection

When we hear the name Keds®, a plain white shoe comes to mind. When we hear Kate Spade®, we think of bright colors and fun patterns. What comes to mind when you hear their names …Together? Yep, that’s right! It’s another perfect example of co-branding.

The two have chosen to partner up and create a fun, eight-style collection that will hit stores in February. “We love Kate Spade. There is a fun, whimsical aspect to the brand, and it relates to Keds,” remarked Stephanie Brocoum, Keds VP of marketing. “[The shoes] are right in that sweet spot of everything feminine, fashionable, versatile and color-blocked.”

Targeted for both young and sophisticated adults, their appeal is likely to be as a must-have item for their fun and funky prints, but also for the emotional connection they conjured up… nostalgic feelings of things we know and love. We all remember wearing them to cheerleading practice or with our school outfits when we were coming of age.

This is a “coming of age” for both brands as casual Keds joins sophisticated Spade in an unlikely yet effortless union…a sign that both are comfortable in their own brand personas as their consumers are in their own fashion sensibilities.

When/where did you wear Keds? What Kate might you wear with Keds?

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