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Our proven 4-step process ensures that your brand gains the attention it deserves. Select one or all of the steps as part of your comprehensive plan.




Give your brand an Identity!   

"People buy from brands that mirror their self-image."

Because people connect emotionally with brands, brands need to be given a personality that mirrors the core customers the company wishes to reach and serve.

  1. Company management takes WDA's self-administered (no charge/no obligation) Brand Management Report Card...depending on the "score" we either wish you continued success or suggest remedial action.

  2. Assuming the brand needs work...we design a custom approach which covers:

    a. Your Consumer and how your brand can be unique and meaningful to them

    b. We mine your business and uncover your brand Archetype...its foundation!

    c. We devise a Persona/Personality Your Core Consumer aligned with Your Brand Image, Voice/Tone, Character, Values

    d. We design a business strategy based on this brand/consumer alignment and your sales and marketing goals and set up a time & action calendar and metrics to measure success.


  3. The above begins from a workbook all managers complete...the agenda for BrandStorming!

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"Working with Bill D’Arienzo and WDA was a joy! His Brandstorming process allowed us to involve multiple stakeholders in a robust dialog on the process of refining our brand position. We have actively incorporated the brand archetypes into our regular communications, and are expanding revenue stream opportunities, directly resulting from our work with him."  


EVP, Major Cosmetics Co. (2017)




Speak with one brand voice

"Brand marketing starts from inside the company."

People with different jobs in the same company often speak different job languages.  This can lead to internal decision-making becoming a "Tower of Babel." Having everyone speak the language of the brand's persona helps avoid this, protects the brand's image and integrates everyone into a team. Then it becomes easier for each person to be a brand advocate, speaking to others with one brand voice, both during & after work as well.

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"Bill D’Arienzo is that rare executive who understands how all the parts in a company have to mesh together to portray and convey a brand image so important in today's marketplace. The brand insights he shared with me as I developed a new clothing line concept was invaluable.  As an example, his strategy and brand focus for this first ever collection led to the opening in the very first year of over 200 men's specialty stores and several millions of dollars in opening orders."  


VP Merchandising, Major Men's Clothing Co. (2005)

  1. With the company's business strategy as the North Star, we review it's symbols/communications elements, including its history, logos, fonts, colors, icons and tag-lines (the brand's promise to customers); we build new ones or perhaps refresh existing ones.

  2. We explore if these elements can be trademarked as IP assets...if needed and available, we oversee the process.

  3. We write a brand narrative and tell the story as reflected in these elements, capturing its style and tone, the brand voice/image.  We write a mission statement (why the company is uniquely in business today) and a vision statement (what it strives to be tomorrow).  We ask these be distributed internally and suggest ways to ensure each person internalizes what they stand for.

a. From here, we prepare mock-ups of a Brand Book, web-site, ad layouts, and  marketing/sell sheets leave behinds.


b. Once approved, we can oversee the production.

c. We then develop with you a strategy for both internal (where all brand marketing begins) and external distribution.

d. We meet with both HR and Marketing to ensure a seamless and integrated outcome...for special occasions, on-going executive development or to intensify the messaging, we offer the following brand focused speeches, seminars and/or workshops as platforms with content customized for:

1. Career Development Programs

2. Sales Meetings Keynote Speeches

3. Directors Meetings

4. Celebratory Events




"People remember narratives not numbers."

Market your brand message

Humans are storytellers; we frame our lives by the stories we hear and tell. We call it reality and act upon it.  Now that we have the brand narrative and supporting symbols and elements, we need to get the story out to the right clusters/segments of customers.

  1. We begin by reviewing what the immediate and long term communication objectives are (e.g., brand awareness, brand imaging, engaging a cohort, building a community, generating sales, etc.)

  2. We then return to the profile of your core customers by applying the 80/20 rule and aligning the best customers with the media with which they are most likely to use.

  3. This leads to looking at the online and offline opportunities which are most likely visiting stations for these customers.

a. From here, we work with you on budgets.


b. We explore the need, if any, to hire an/or otherwise engage "influencers" or bloggers.

c. We then devise with you a strategy and responsibility for external distribution/implementation.

d. Finally, we devise a set of metrics so you can measure the effectiveness of the communications.

"WDA Brand Marketing developed both a business strategy & several trademark available brand names and tag-lines for a hosiery line with a proprietary technology.  They ran internal BrandStorming and external focus groups developing not only names but logos (fonts, colors ) all part of the strategy.  We are currently reaping a multi-million dollar business from these efforts with more to come."

President Hosiery/Accessories Co. (2010)

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"The 'average' customer does not exist."

Find your brand lovers!

Consumers want to be treated as individuals not numbers. The tendency to amalgamate for economies of scale the variety of types of customers into one average cluster, is bound to fail. But short of one-to-one marketing, we have segmentation modeling which helps stratify your customer base treating different types differently while recognizing their common affinity to the brand.

  1. As with some of the prior BrandStorming steps, together we look at the results our Consumer Insights Report Card which enables us to identify the pain points, or your current strengths and weaknesses.

  2. We’ll help you create a data base or use your existing one to locate and profile your prototypical consumer.

  3. We then build a segmentation model of your customer base and design an integrated (analog/digital) marketing model of channels of contact and communication your unique customers are likely to use.

a. Project management comes in here...which media, with what platform, directed to which segment of customers is most likely to produce the best return and how do we monitor this out to get this optimum result.  


b. Which departments/personnel will be responsible (current org set ups or some new hybrid).

c. We ensure that the brand no matter the media or the customer, maintains its integrity (clarity & consistency).

d. Finally, through our proprietary ApparelAnalytics™ research method, we’ll identify your brand lovers and/or potential purchasers of your branded products; the latter before you even sew a sample!

"WDA Brand Marketing Solutions have done several projects for us…highly professional and extremely relevant. As an example, Bill developed a data base/zip code based marketing plan which was counterintuitive to our mindset, yet proved to be accurate.   WDA has also …run a BrandStorming session for our company with quite compelling results.  We continue to apply those insights."

CEO, Children’s Apparel Company (2008)

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"I worked with Bill on a collaborative research initiative and several capabilities proposals for Walmart. His understanding of...research methodologies and his deep knowledge of the apparel sector enabled us to deliver world class recommendations to Walmart. We look forward to working with him again"

- Sr. VP, Global Research Company, April, 2010

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