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About Our Seminars and Speaking Engagements

"Bill D'Arienzo has taught senior executives from China through Rider University's College of Continuing Studies for a couple of years now. His presentation style, organization, and wealth of knowledge are truly impressive."


- Boris Vilic, College of Continuing Studies, Dean, Rider University


“Bill D’Arienzo is an outstanding speaker/presenter at the executive education level.  He invigorates the room with his unique brand of energy and enthusiasm, and captivates the attendees with his expansive knowledge and practical expertise. Bill is consistently among the highest rated instructors in our executive development programs, and one of the most talented presenters I have encountered within this very challenging and demanding specialty.”


- Eric Hertz, President
  Center for Executive Development

"Bill has a unique passion in his presentation style that is so compelling and inspirational, his audiences become totally immersed in what he is saying.  And, his content is not only credible, given his vast experience, and at the very least, insightful, but, most often profound."

- Robin Lewis, CEO
  The Robin Report


“I have worked with Bill D’Arienzo and seen him make informative presentations for many years.  I have never seen a more enthusiastic audience response than Bill gets to his presentations.”

- Richard Kestenbaum, Partner & Co-Founder
     Triangle Capital LLC

About Our Book on Brand Management

“Brand Management Strategies by William (Bill) D’Arienzo is one of most interesting and informative books on branding I have read. While there have been numerous books written on the subject, Brand Management Strategy is not only an easy read complete with graphics, case studies, and photos, but an equally detailed text book on the history of branding from early consumer product companies like P&G and fashion icons Coco Chanel. Mr. D'Arienzo provides the reader with a holistic approach to fashion for both non-luxury and luxury exclusive brands. Boomers will appreciate that Brand Management Strategy can be read like an encyclopedia and a millennial will see the work as a consolidation of the world of branding as one Google search on the internet.  As a customer loyalty and customer retention thought-leader, I found credence in Bill’s statement that the ultimate objective of customer loyalty is to develop consumer engagement strategies and the ultimate goal of consumer engagement is consumer loyalty. In other words, what goes around comes around.  From paper marketing to digital brand thinking it’s all here, in one place. Thumbs up!”


- Richard Shapiro, Founder & President, The Center For Client Retention, Author, The Endangered Customer, Eight Steps to Guarantee Repeat Business



"William D’Arienzo’s book on brand management presents a host of sound brand/business strategies which confirm Nissan’s successful launch in Brazil of its Nissan Kicks SUV.  His seemingly simple but profoundly impactful mantra  “ …put the customer at the center of the strategy “ and the operational tactics he recommends confirms, on reflection, the key decisions we made on our road to success.  If I had the book prior to our launch, the road would have been easier to navigate! I heartily recommend you read it for glocal strategies, brand engagement and why the customer matters."


- Francois Dossa, CEO, Nissan Brazil

“Brand Management Strategies is encyclopedic. If you care about managing a brand or want to learn about it, the topics you want are in this book and they are covered knowledgeably and thoroughly. The presentation is understandable, readable and ranges from the conceptual to the practical."


- Richard Kestenbaum, Partner, Triangle Capital

"Professor D’Arienzo provides a comprehensive up-to-the-moment guided tour of the critical elements essential to brand management success in today’s digitally-driven reality.   The carefully chosen “Brandstorming™” examples provided throughout masterfully bring the key insights to life.  The revelations of heretofore unseen connections between archetypes and much-coveted brand authenticity provide the sort of true ’aha!’ moments… that define a must-read…"


- Larry DeParis, President, The Retail Marketing Society

"Bill D'Arienzo's groundbreaking and comprehensive Brand Management Strategies: Luxury and Mass Markets - a must-acquire exploration of every aspect of branding and marketing (mass AND luxury) goes to the head of the class.   The depth, richness and specificity of his analysis (brilliantly-woven case histories) and rigor of his roots in classic, fully-integrated strategic packaged-goods branding and marketing are a gift to serious luxury marketers in every segment. The business equivalent of a blockbuster, his book is no flash in the pan, no one-trick pony, but a vade mecum to be perused and revisited for inspiration and education.  Very few authors in the canon of marketing literature can stand shoulder to shoulder with him on insights and intuitions as to the importance and resilience of luxury brands.  In an e-world that continues to shake up and challenge the very foundations of old world retail (witness Macy's struggles) D'Arienzo's work and thinking are a reminder that there is a way out and up.  Rooted in a deep understanding of the power of brand and the ever growing opportunities for true strategic marketers that embrace change and the new channels of communications, service and sales, his work serves as a compass for young luxury marketers and veterans alike.  The luxury market and the elite community of the most affluent and sophisticated buyers will continue to grow globally.  For the most astute luxury marketers, Mr. D'Arienzo's book will remain an evergreen guide to keep at their sides as they steer their brands' through the turbulent seas of radically changing times."


- Gregory J. Furman, Founder & Chairman, The Luxury Marketing Council (since 1994), The Young Luxury Marketers' Council



"Bill D’Arienzo’s book is the zeitgeist of branding for our time His thesis that successful brands are in the business of building emotional relationships and that those that are failing are focused on executing utilitarian transactions, explains why so many retailers are falling by the wayside. Bill has developed a matrix that is a smart guideline for all brand leaders large or small who are looking to connect with their core customers and develop sustainable relationships. In you participate in the world of commerce, in any role, Bill D’Arienzo’s book is a must read."


- Robin Lewis, CEO/Founder The Robin Report Author The New Rules of Retail

"Bill has a unique passion in his presentation style that is so compelling and inspirational, his audiences become totally immersed in what he is saying.  And, his content is not only credible, given his vast experience, and at the very least, insightful, but, most often profound."

- Robin Lewis, CEO
The Robin Report