The Best Time to Stop a Markdown is Before it Begins!


Businesses lose millions in sampling costs and retail markdowns in every product development cycle, approximating nearly 20% of net revenue.

Post selling analysis and pricing optimization tools address the symptoms and not the causes. ApparelAnalytics identifies, by generating on-line consumer insights, before commitment to samples and production, the winners and losers, color preferences and best price for maximum turn and margin. By identifying and rectifying causes and as opposed to symptoms, ApparelAnalytics ensures that merchandising and marketing decisions are guided by both the team’s professional experience and the consumer’s timely insights.

Armed with these insights, brand managers and merchandisers can optimize the potential in the winners and minimize the risk in the losers.

Therefore, ApparelAnalytics rationalizes the management of risk in a way that honors the creative process of design, merchandising and marketing while bringing consumer perceptions and preferences as guidance onto the product development platform.

Let us help you discover what consumers are saying about their purchasing preferences.



See how ApparelAnalytics™ identified opportunities for better inventory control at a major retailer by measuring consumer preference.


"I worked with Bill on a collaborative research initiative and several capabilities proposals for Walmart. His understanding of...research methodologies and his deep knowledge of the apparel sector enabled us to deliver world class recommendations to Walmart. We look forward to working with him again"

- Sr. VP, Global Research Company, April, 2010