WDA positions each brand as the strategic guiding light. By unifying your team around its mission, it leads the way to success.
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WDA provides major brands with consumer insights for achieving more optimized inventories confirmed by actual purchases.
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Learning and Development

WDA sets the brand leadership training standard by helping operational managers transform into strategic leaders.
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We Help Businesses

  • Increase Brand Loyalty

    Through proven brand marketing management strategies and techniques.

  • Improve Profit Margins

    Through gaining and sharing consumer insight.

  • Heighten Organizational Performance

    Through traditional academic and modern course development at locations around the world.

Service Spotlight

ApparelAnalyticsTM ensures that merchandising and marketing decisions are guided by both the team's professional experience and the consumer's timely insights.

WDA Brand Marketing News

The Luxury Marketing Council Interview - June 2017
Recently interviewed on The Luxury Marketing Council show entitled "Conversations with Leaders in Luxury."

The Supply Chain Revolution - May 2017
Read through my recent presentation prepared exclusively for SEAMS National Networking Conference.

American Fashion Podcast - March 2017
Recently interviewed on American Fashion Podcast. In the interview, I discuss the right and wrong approaches to marketing and sales in the fashion industry.

Brick and Data Interview - February 2017
Recently interviewed for Brick and Data website. In the interview, I discuss the importance of brand for companies.

RMS Luncheon Presentation - January 2017
Presented a compelling case for tossing traditional business school concepts and creating instead a consumer-centric model for driving your business.

Strategic Partnership with Ambrosetti - January 2016
The European House/Ambrosetti, Italy’s # 1 strategic fashion advisory (as per Univ. of Penn, 2014), has established an office in the U.S. through an association with WDA Brand Marketing, a Princeton, NJ fashion consultancy.

What Our Clients and Industry Peers are Saying

  • Bud McCullar

    "We needed to know more about our customers...WDA worked with us to address key retailer concerns, and maintained a dialogue with us, keeping us informed of the project's status. We were impressed with their high degree of professionalism and look forward to working with them on new projects."

    Bud McCullar Vice President, JHANE BARNES
  • Robin Lewis

    "Bill has a unique passion in his presentation style that is so compelling and inspirational, his audiences become totally immersed in what he is saying. And, his content is not only credible, given his vast experience, and at the very least, insightful, but, most often profound."

    Robin Lewis CEO, The Robin Report
  • Boris Vilic

    "Bill D'Arienzo has taught senior executives from China through Rider University's College of Continuing Studies for a couple of years now. His presentation style, organization, and wealth of knowledge are truly impressive."

    Boris Vilic Dean, College of Continuing Studies, Rider University
  • Colleen Kelly

    "We engaged Bill & the ApparelAnalytics™ process to explore how this consumer insights process might provide us with data to help guide merchandising decisions. We were particularly interested in color and preference rankings. Bill's team (including himself), were in constant communication and were available, whenever needed to guide us through the process.We were quite impressed with the findings which were presented in a very useful format with wholesale & retail metrics. We are looking at ways to continue to use the process."

    Colleen Kelly President, Tommy Hilfiger Wholesale, USA
  • Paul Rotstein

    "WDA BrandMarketing developed both a strategy & several available brand-names and tag-lines for a line of hosiery with a proprietary stay-up technology. After internal BrandIt sessions, produced several names that we liked, WDA ran focus groups; consumers ranked & added names, colors, fonts, tag-lines etc. The result was a new brand, Everstay®, & several tag-lines so business could occur in varous channels of distribution without compromising the brands integrity. We are currently reaping a multi-million dollar business from these efforts,with more to come."

    Paul Rotstein CEO, GMHI
  • David Neimer

    "Bill is that rare executive that understands how all the parts need to mesh together to portray a Brand's image, so important in today's marketplace. The insight that he shared with me as I developed clothing lines was invaluable. With Lineage, for example, his strategy and brand focus led to the opening in the very first year of over 200 men’s specialty stores and several millions of dollars in opening orders."

    David Neimer Production Director at Spanx
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